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HASSAN Jimoh Akanji
Research Interest: 
Semantic Computing, Knowledge Management, Ontology Engineering
Business Analysis and Process Reenginering, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
M.Sc. (Computer Science) Ife
B.Sc. (Computer Science with Economics) Ife

J.A. Hassan, O.A. Odéjóbí, B.A. Ògúnfolákàn & A. Adéjùwón (2013). Ontology Engineering in Yorùbá Cultural Heritage Domain. Afr J. of Comp & ICTs. Vol 6, No. 5. Pp181-198.
Knowledge of Africa cultural heritage has been represented orally in folk dirges and panegyrics, visually in sculptures and artworks, cryptographically in semiotics and holistically in multiplicity of belief and value systems. Nonetheless, these oral, visual and cryptic representations of knowledge are implicit. The need for explicit and formal representation of the domain knowledge, thus, emanated in the context of much-needed digital documentation and modern Information and Communication Technologies.
In this work, we describe the implementation framework for engineering and codifying the domain knowledge of an African cultural heritage using a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) knowledge representation formalism.
The output of the work, an ontology document codied in Web Ontology Language, has a wider application as both a Knowledge Representation and Reasoning educational tool and a knowledge-based management application baseline.
The  work has shown that the knowledge of the identifiable constituents of the Yorùbá heritage domain can be codified into an ontology by the process of ontology engineering using OWL knowledge representation formalism.  The resulting digital resources can be made available for global audience downloadable as a digital resource. as shown below.

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